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Today, almost 95 years after its founding, G. Ramsey Yoder, Menno's grandson, heads a company of employees. Scott Schaefer, president and chief executive officer, is in charge of day-to-day operations and shares with Yoder the responsibility of leading the company. Aris continues evolving to meet the changing horticultural market. These venues put Aris in an excellent position to capitalize on the popularity of gardening. The company reorganized as Aris in , with the sale of its mum and aster product lines and continues to expand its support of the horticultural industry with new varieties and starter plants of many types.

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Aris Horticulture, Inc. announces the retirement of Christine Kelleher

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Listen to Morgan's podcast here. It is considered the research affiliate of AmericanHort. Matching contributions or multi-year pledges can be made online at HRIresearch. The July announcement introduces four Regional Winners and two National Winners, all of which are vegetables, reflecting the continued interest of consumers in edible gardens. These six AAS Winners were trialed during the and growing seasons next to two other similar varieties that are currently on the market.

The AAS Judges grew the entries and comparisons then did a side-by-side analysis of growth habit, taste, disease resistance and more to determine if these were truly better than those already available to home gardeners. Only those vegetables with superior taste and garden performance are given the AAS stamp of approval. With this announcement, these varieties become available for immediate sale. Brokers and growers can purchase these varieties immediately.

Consumers will find this seed for sale in the coming months as supply becomes available with catalog companies, in seed packets, from mail order companies and various websites. A complete list of trial grounds and judges can be found here. A complete list of all AAS Winners since can be found here.

Troy, a rising senior at Michigan State University, is pursuing a B. Her academic achievements partnered with her passion for the industry made her an ideal recipient for the scholarship. After graduation, she plans to work with consumers to show how ornamentals can provide a comforting and healing environment. Turbyfill is a fourth-year student at the University of Florida working toward a degree in Plant Genetics.

She is currently working in plant conversation, researching the carryover effects of different growth regulators on daylilies. We hope these scholarships will help Victoria and Bethany achieve their goals and that their pursuits will better the entire industry. This is the fourth year Syngenta Flowers, Inc. They are given in honor of Glenn Goldsmith, the founder of Goldsmith Seeds, and the contributions he made to the floriculture industry.

For more information about the Goldsmith scholarships, visit www. As the State Water Resources Control Board debated restrictions at an all-day meeting in Sacramento on Tuesday, Desert Water Agency announced it will enforce the mandatory state measures and its own conservation rules, including limits on washing cars, watering lawns and golf courses, and serving water at restaurants.

Katie Ruark, a Desert Water Agency spokeswoman, said the agency fully supports the state water board's actions and is ready to launch its own drought regulations. The Palm Springs-based water district would make water cutbacks mandatory starting Aug. The agency's mandatory measures are:. Buckets are allowed and nozzles allowed only for rinsing. DWA would fine violators following a written notice for a first offense. A second violation would lead to a fine equal to 25 percent of the customer's previous water bill.

A third offense would lead to a fine equal to 50 percent of the previous bill. Click here to read more. When you hear the name NASA, it probably conjures celestial images of floating astronauts and nostalgic memories of space shuttles hurtling toward the stars.

It does not call to mind greenhouses and solar panels. Bomani is studying halophytes, like Salicornia virginica, and trying to adapt them to various ecological climates, molding them into a sort-of plant Swiss army knife, capable of use as a biofuel, and as food for both humans and cattle. The plants can also be used in land remediation. He broke it down into three main categories: an evaporative cooling system, automated moving grow lights, and alternative energy options.

The evaporative cooling system is a natural alternative to traditional air conditioning. In some homes, replacing AC units with evaporative cooling can reduce electricity consumption by 80 percent; imagine what it can do in a commercial greenhouse. After you take a hot shower and jump out without a towel, your body is immediately confronted with a blast of cool air. The transition of liquid water on your body into water vapor cools the surrounding air and decreases the temperature.

To recreate this effect, the GreenLab sports a back wall of filters resembling intricately linked metal chains which are constantly carrying water.

When Bomani wants to cool the GreenLab he shuts off the heat and activates two fans, which pull in air from outside the greenhouse. The fans then blow through the filters, converting liquid water into water vapor, causing a natural cool in the greenhouse. The back half of the facility almost immediately experiences a noticeable drop in temperature, which then spreads to the front. Bomani says the natural cooling system is effective as long as temperatures remain under degrees, a high that is rarely reached in Cleveland.

If growers were to implement evaporative cooling in place of traditional air conditioning, the cost savings, particularly in the Northeast U. The NASA Glenn team wants to test the growing ability of halophytes in various regions, ranging from Arizona deserts to Northeastern beaches. To do that they created seven glass growing tanks that feature different water depths, salinity levels, sand, and living creatures effectively replicating a variety of environments.

The team alters which halophyte they are growing in the tank in an attempt to locate the best fit. Bomani and his team also needed to replicate as best they could natural light. Almost every greenhouse uses artificial lighting, but most lights are in stationary fixtures which limit the type of light available to growing plants. While the moving track may represent a significant initial expense, Bomani believes that the returns will eventually outweigh the expenses.

Why am I not getting optimal growth? This in turn could lead to increased yields and increased profits. The moving track will also reduce the number of lights that a grower will need. Two moving lights are just as useful as eight stationary lights. Unsurprisingly, one of the tenets of this system is the use of alternative energy. The facility uses a combination of wind and solar energy.

On the grounds surrounding the greenhouse are a series of two wind turbines and 10 solar panels, which provide about two hours, or five kilowatts, of energy to the facility daily. Bomani says the goal is to increase that number, doubling the alternative energy hours to four.

Because the facility is in cloudy temperamental Cleveland, the GreenLab requires the use of multiple alternative energy sources. If a greenhouse were located in Florida, the use of wind energy might be redundant because solar energy would be available nearly yearround. To power the GreenLab though, Bomani must mix and match.

Installing alternative energy sources takes careful planning and a good chunk of time. The facility installed 10 solar panels on the back of the facility in about one week and tied the additional energy directly to their MicroGrid, which took an additional three days.

As he looks to supplement existing energy levels, Bomani has his eye on a field of solar panels that were originally constructed for the space station, and are located across the street from his facility.

The field of solar panels has been dormant for 25 years. If he gets permission to reactivate the panels and connect them to the lab he would be able to generate 22 kilowatts of energy per day, enough to give energy back to the grid.

Alternative energy can cut back on greenhouse energy costs over time. It may even allow you to sell energy back into the grid, providing an additional source of income.

These salvias have bright flowers and long bloom seasons year round in frost-free climates. It has dark cocoa-brown foliage, green veins and large, single, salmon-orange flowers growing in an outward facing cluster. It has a long blooming season and can flower during the winter if kept indoors. For more: www. The plant blooms continuously and profusely from early spring to fall. Sun Harmony Scarlet features appealing mounded growth habit. Sun Harmony Scarlet has good garden performance in sun or partial shade.

Emerald Coast Growers has released its Resource Guide, featuring varietal and marketing information for perennials, grasses, and tropicals. Syngenta Flowers, Inc. For more information about the Goldsmith scholarships, please visit www. All-America Selections announced that Dr. Armitage, presented the story of his long and illustrious career, adding that Allan has been an AAS Flower Judge from until his retirement from the University of Georgia inThe AAS Breeders Cup Award, was established in to recognize a plant breeder who dramatically influenced horticulture by breeding new cultivars that brought significant improvements to those classes.

Ellen began her breeding work in breeding seed potatoes then moved on to ornamentals with significant introductions in petunias, impatiens and other crops including AAS Winners petunia Orchid Daddy, impatiens Swirl Monet Mix, diascia Diamonte Coral Rose and most recently, angelonia Serenita Pink.

And now her work is coming full circle with a renewed emphasis on edible crops, including recent AAS Regional Winner eggplant Patio Baby. All-America Selections humbly salutes industry achievers Allan and Ellen for their dedication and passion for everything horticulture, including All-America Selections.

Hishtil Ltd. Earlier this year, we launched the Grower Radio Network , where the editors of Nursery Management and Greenhouse Management magazine bring you great conversations with industry leaders who share business advice and ideas.

In order to help you navigate all of the presentations lined up for Cultivate'14 in Columbus, Ohio, we recorded interviews with some of the speakers about what they have planned for the show. Tune in to the podcasts below to hear more, and subscribe to the Grower Radio Network on iTunes to hear all of the conversations you may have missed.

Soil testing FAQ Dr.

Aris Horticulture names new CEO

Darwin Perennials , a division of Ball Horticultural Co. FDA is located in Bogota, Colombia, and is a supplier of unrooted cutting and tissue-culture propagated perennials and cutflower varieties. Effective Aug. AHS orders for delivery on or after Aug. In addition, Aris will continue to operate its Keepsake Plants premium finished program of azaleas, tropical hibiscus and other premium potted plants. If you enjoyed this article, subscribe to Landscape Management to receive more articles just like it. Your behavior appears to be a little unusual.

Aris Horticulture, Inc. Embassy Parkway, Ste Akron,Oh ; Aris Holdings, Llc 75 E. Market Street Akron,Oh Nearby.

Free Garden Designs

Description: Looking for a job in Barberton, Ohio? Work at Aris Horticulture Inc. We're hiring! Aris Horticulture Inc company specialized in the industry of Agriculture. The headquarters are in Barberton. Aris Horticulture Inc is a Agriculture company founded in and specialized in the industry of Retail Trade. The market type is the way that a company uses to make its commercial transactions. There are companies that operate B2B, B2C or both. There are many cases when a company is operating both B2B and B2C. An example for this would be the real estate industry, where the agencies can land or sell to both businesses or consumers.

The Igloo Mum Series

FDA is located in Bogota, Colombia, and is a leading supplier of high-quality unrooted cutting and tissue-culture propagated perennials and cutflower varieties. In a recent decision, effective Aug. AHS orders booked for delivery on or after Aug. Green Leaf Plants young plant sales will continue through multiple distributors, including the Blooms of Bressingham and Darwin Perennials programs and other leading perennial varieties on the market.

Aris Horticulture recently commemorated its th anniversary in November


For most people in the horticultural industry, perennial mums have long been historically synonymous with Yoder Brothers, Inc. How did Yoder Brothers forge such a strong legacy in the horticulture industry? Yoder Brothers, Inc. With the addition of perennials, Aris expanded its commitment to bringing the best perennial plants to market. Aris supports these efforts from growing locations in Pennsylvania, Florida and Canada. As a division of Aris, Must Have Perennials is proud to carry on this tradition of quality embodied in our popular perennial line of Dendranthema Igloos.

Aris Horticulture, Keepsake Plants Ltd.

A ris Horticulture is a name that has become synonymous with the horticulture industry. With continued consolidation and market challenges, few growers have succeeded into fully integrating their operations from breeder all the way to consumer. With roots in Ohio agriculture, Aris Horticulture totals more than 2 million square feet of greenhouse space dedicated to young plant and finished production. As the industry has evolved over the years, so has Aris. And the company is thrilled to celebrate its th anniversary in ! In years, the company has evolved from vegetable producer to mum breeder to dianthus leader to perennial marketer, and so much more in between. It has certainly been an incredible journey, with even more to come. In his retirement, town founder Ohio C.

Looking for Nursery Stock Dealers Wholesale & Growers near me in Barberton, OH? View info about Aris Horticulture & similar nearby companies offering.

Press Releases

ALVA - We are incredibly proud to celebrate our th anniversary and humbled by the fact that few companies reach this major milestone. NewsBreak Contributors Publishers Advertisers. Sign in.

Aris Horticulture, Inc

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They purchased the business from an agricultural industrialist, O.

Network Partners for Growers

Integrity, professionalism, and trust are the principles that GC and all of its network partners bring to the grower trade in North America. Located in Dewey Rose, GA, Davis Floral is a family run business, specializing in young plant liners and prefinished production. Davis Floral offers a wide selection of annual genetics, prefinished, Tropical, and poinsettia liners. ECG has long been an industry leader in ornamental grasses and perennials, with an eye for the unique, and with a deep commitment to the horticultural industry. Look to Emerald Coast Growers for your tried-and-true favorites, and for all the new up-and-comers.

On The Move

The Marketing Mastery Series is a three-part program that addresses three key pillars to any successful marketing plan. Cultivate'22 returns to Columbus Ohio on July , Get connected to the mentors, leaders and knowledgeable resources you need — when you need them — so that you can Perform Better day in and day out, Grow Faster than you ever dreamed possible, and Prepare both Yourself and Your Business for the Future. We are the leading advocate for the horticulture industry, and we take this responsibility seriously.

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